Core SSD VDS — reliable Virtual Dedicated Server on SSD drives

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is a good choice for corporate clients with advanced infrastructure.

Virtual Server Benefits

Lower costs compared to a physical server

Higher level of security compared to shared hosting

Full control on the server as Root or Administrator

The ability to install and configure any application and system settings

Core SSD VDS — reliability and guarantee of a fair allocation of resources.

Core SSD VDS — Virtual Dedicated Server, which provides virtualization at the hardware level (KVM) and supports operating systems: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows.

Pick the most suitable VDS plan or make a custom choise

1 GB
20 GB

vCPU: 1, RAM: 1 GB, SSD Space: 20 GB



VAT is not included

Included with every Core SSD VDS

DNS support

Basic server monitoring

1 dedicated IP address

Additional Services

  VAT is not included
/30 network (1 usable IP address) Free of charge
/29 network (5 usable IP addresses) 15.00 € / month
/28 network (13 usable IP addresses) 30.00 € / month
/27 network (29 usable IP addresses) 40.00 € / month
VPN Service 8.50 € / month
Backup Restoration 50.00
Server Management Upon Agreement
Works on Server at Request
Workdays 09.00-17.00 50.00 € / per hour
Workdays 17.00-23.00 75.00 € / per hour
Workdays 23.00-09.00 and on weekends 100.00 € / per hour

Operating Systems

Different types of Operation Systems like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Windows can be installed on Core SSD VDS server in minutes.


Select the appropriate SSL Certificate for the reliable protection of your web site or server

Division of Responsibility


  • Server housing
  • Internet connectivity
  • Hardware


  • Software platform
  • Server management
  • Installing applications
  • Managing applications

Server Administration Service

This service includes a full range of activities, needed to achieve your goals: we acquire and install all necessary hardware to the server, keep the software updated and ensure that your information and data are safe and secure.

Server Management

Level L1

  • Server monitoring;
  • Solving problems that was not caused by the client.

Level L2

  • Services of level L1;
  • Alerts and notifications by email or SMS;
  • Troubleshooting by request, up to 1h a month.

Level L3

  • Services of level L2;
  • Other actions on the server by request, up to 4h a month.

In addition, we carry out continuous monitoring of the state of your server's hardware and software/applications running on it.

Contact us to get an offer and discuss details of Server Administration service.