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The easiest, fastest and most reliable backup service.

CodeGuard Backup

Website problems suck. Fix them easily with CodeGuard Backup.

The silver bullet to solve almost any website problem. Wave your magic wand and undo any website hack, crash, malware infection, bad update, or goof-up. Install CodeGuard Backup now so you’re ready for the inevitable.

Automatic Backups
CodeGuard will backup your website files and database every day – automatically.

Website Monitoring
CodeGuard monitors your site for changes or malware and alerts you of any issues.

One-Click Restore
Have a problem with your site? Restore it back to working order in a single click!

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Pricing plans for any site & budget!

From freelancers and small businesses to large firms and agencies, we have a plan for you.




12.21 €

(1.02 €/month)

VAT is not included

  • Storage
    1 GB
  • Websites
  • Unlimited Backup Retention
  • Automatic Backups
  • On Demand Backups
  • Backup via FTP
  • Backup via WordPress Plugin
  • Supports MySQL & MS-SQL


59.41 €

(5.94 €/month)

VAT is not included

  • Storage
    10 GB
  • Websites
    Up to 10
  • Unlimited Backup Retention
  • Automatic Backups
  • On Demand Backups
  • Backup via FTP
  • Backup via WordPress Plugin
  • Supports MySQL & MS-SQL


118.81 €

(11.88 €/month)

VAT is not included

  • Storage
    25 GB
  • Websites
    Up to 25
  • Unlimited Backup Retention
  • Automatic Backups
  • On Demand Backups
  • Backup via FTP
  • Backup via WordPress Plugin
  • Supports MySQL & MS-SQL


382.84 €

(38.28 €/month)

VAT is not included

  • Storage
    100 GB
  • Websites
    Up to 100
  • Unlimited Backup Retention
  • Automatic Backups
  • On Demand Backups
  • Backup via FTP
  • Backup via WordPress Plugin
  • Supports MySQL & MS-SQL

All of our CodeGuard Backup plans include
full backup, restore, and monitoring features, including:

  • Zip file downloads
  • Initial Backup Tracking
  • MySQL Direct / SSH
  • Full Website Restore
  • Daily Backup Tracking
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Individual File Restore
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Test Restore
  • IP Logging
  • Daily Site-Change Monitoring
  • MalwareGone™ Scanning
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • ChangeAlert Notifications

CodeGuard Makes it Easy to Stay in Control of Anything Thrown Your Way

The fastest, most reliable cloud-based website backup, monitoring and protection service.
Track all of your changes daily. Rollback capabilities right when you need it.

Daily Backup
CodeGuard will back up your site every single day. If you're not using WordPress, it only saves what has been changed or modified to efficiently use up space.

CodeGuard has patented technology that they build in to automatically scan, discover and fix any malware-related threats your site encounters.

WordPress Plugin Updates
CodeGuard will automatically keep your website up to date with all WordPress updates. This is ensures no lapse in backup protection or vulnerabilities related to updates.

ChangeAlert® Notifications
CodeGuard will notify you by email if it detects any changes in your source code. This will help you identify any unwanted changes before it's too late.

Top 10 CodeGuard Features

  1. Configurable in under 5 minutes
  2. WordPress plugin and FTP/SFTP integration available
  3. Backup websites and databases
  4. Backs up daily or at preferred intervals
  5. Malware scanning identifies and remediates threats
  1. One-click website restoration
  2. Email alerts inform you of changes to your source code
  3. Git-backed versioning lets you see what's changed
  4. Easy-to-use interface keeps you in control
  5. Works with any major website platform

How does CodeGuard work?


How does CodeGuard work

Connect – Get Setup In 5 Minutes

Setting up and configuring CodeGuard is extremely straightforward – so much so that even non-technical website owners can do it. Users have a choice between a WordPress plugin or FTP/SFTP. With WordPress it’s as easy as installing the plugin and pasting a unique one-time key into the license field. From there, Code Guard will do the rest. With FTP/SFTP, it’s as simple as entering some login credentials and an IP address. (We strongly recommend using SFTP for security reasons).


Backup – 100% Automatic

Once you've entered the information for your website and its databases, CodeGuard goes to work backing them up. By default all backups last 90 days, though the frequency and length of storage can easily be adjusted to match your preference. Best of all, CodeGuard saves your storage space by only saving differential backups – versions with changes – so you never have to worry about wasting space on duplicates.


Monitor – Track Changes & Remove Malware

Anytime anything changes on your website, CodeGuard will know – and it will notify you, too. Whether it's keeping track of changes made between backups or scanning for malware and malicious code – CodeGuard provides you with the visibility and the tools to remediate the issue.


Restore – 1 Click Website Fixes

After everything has been backed up, restoring your website is as simple as a few mouse clicks. Simply select the backup you'd like and hit the “Restore” button. Within seconds your website will have reverted back its previous iteration. Users have the option to:

  • Restore all files
  • Restore specific files
  • Download a zip file of a backup

CodeGuard works with all major platforms

No matter what type of CMS you're running, CodeGuard can back it up and restore it for you.

CodeGuard works with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many more, provided the platform you're using meets the following criteria:

  • Must use either MySQL or MS-SQL databases
  • Must have access to site's FTP/SFTP credentials
  • Must be able to whitelist these IP addresses: | | | |

If your site doesn't meet the above criteria but uses WordPress, you can use the WordPress plugin without any need for FTP access or whitelisting IP addresses.


WordPress Joomla Drupal MySQL Magento






Why choose CodeGuard over your web host's backup options?

When it comes to securing important documents, the rule of thumb is 3-2-1, three copies, two on-site, one off-site. The same logic should apply to backups of your website, also! Most hosting providers only store their backups in the same place as the rest of your files. (And many hosting providers don't provide you with direct access to the backups.) And that can cause problems if you ever get locked out. CodeGuard stores copies of your website off-site, making them readily accessible anytime, from anywhere.

Why back up your website?

It doesn't take much to infect a website or take it offline. It can be an act of malice or something as simple as accidentally testing an update on the live site. If you're not backing up your website you've got to find the problem and fix it before you can restore your website. That causes downtime, costs money and can hurt your reputation. The cyber resilient solution is to back up your site regularly so you can instantly hop back to a safe, previous version of your site while you triage whatever problems may have crept up.

Granular Control over EVERYTHING

Backing up your website is best practice, but being able to identify specific elements of your site and restore them individually is a luxury – one that CodeGuard provides to all its users. Say you're updating your website and you mistakenly alter a critical file. You wouldn't want to have to restore the entire site to a previous version – you would lose all that work. CodeGuard solves that by allowing you to filter through your backup, find the individual file and just restore that.

Versioning with Git

One of the most important aspects of web development and just development in general is the ability to identify what's changed across different versions and iterations of their code. This is why Git was invented. CodeGuard leverages Git to help with version control. Each backup is hashed with SHA-1, allowing any tweaks or updates to be identified and labeled. Traditionally, this type of version control would involve an integration with Git or a similar alternative. It comes standard with CodeGuard – no extra work required.

Never upgrade a WordPress plugin again

If you're using WordPress, CodeGuard can easily be configured to handle all updates to WordPress and its plugins. Normally this would involve human intervention, some testing and then a push to the live site. With CodeGuard, updates happen on the fly and if anything breaks – there's a backup waiting that will restore your website to its previous version. This saves time, headaches and the amount of time you have to spend manually updating code.

Your backups will stay secure

CodeGuard ensures you'll never have to worry about the safety or integrity of your backups. All backups are stored securely with Amazon Web Services using 256-bit AES server-side encryption.