Privacy Policy and security

When ordering a Core service and using the service, it is designed at every step for customer safety. Accordingly, we have developed the following privacy policy principles for collecting, storing, using and publishing customer data. Core Solutions OÜ operates in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia and European Union legislation.

Collection of personal data

Personal data is the information that Core collects to contact customers and fulfill orders. The data is intended and necessary for the correct execution of the customer's order. Data security is guaranteed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Orders can only be made through a registered client account. When registering for a customer account, we store account holder’s name, business name (if a business acount), postal address, postal code, telephone number and email address.

For Domain and SSL certificates orders, a customer may be asked to provide the following information: name, personal identification code, date of birth, postal address, postal code, telephone number and e-mail address.

Core does not share or disclose personal information to third parties, unless it is necessary to complete a customer order (for example, transferring domain owner information to the TLD from domain name registration).

Core uses customer contact information to only provide information about the service. Contact details are not forwarded to third parties for marketing activities.

Use of personal data

The collected personal data is used to communicate with the client (announcements about service changes, payment of services). The address data stored by the customer is automatically used as an invoice address. Customers have the right to opt-out from newsletters sent by Core.

Collected personal data is used to complete domain and SSL certificate orders by automatically transferring them to registry or a Certification Center using secure communication channels. Domain owner information is generally public in different registries.

Changing personal data

The customer can access the stored information on the client area, in the left-hand section of the "Your Info" button, the "Update" button. The customer can independently modify all data.

The customer has the right to delete it’s account with the data stored there after the active services expire.

Protection of personal data

Core Solutions OÜ has taken all precautionary measures to protect customers' personal data and other data. Access to data processing, editing and recording is restricted to authorized and personally trained personnel. Data processing is protected by technological and administrative measures.

Core will not provide third parties with any personal data about customers, except in cases arising from law.

Credit card details

Core does not see or store customer card details when paying by credit card. In order to execute the transaction, the client is directed to the secured environment of the payment processor and at the time of payment it will enter its data directly on the payment processor's page.


The connection and data transfer between and the client computer are carried out via the SSL protocol, the same applies to data connections for banks and credit card environments. All personal data is treated as confidential.