Terms of The Server Services


    1. These General Terms of the Server Services shall apply to all the Service Contracts entered into for the use the Server Services provided by CORE.
    2. In addition to this, the General Terms of the Services of CORE apply to the Server Services to the extent that these General Terms of Server Services do not provide otherwise.
    1. The terms and definitions below have the following meaning in the General Terms of the Server Services:
      1. Physical Server — the server in the possession of CORE used for the provision of the Server Service to the Client and the hardware and software belonging to it, which can be accessed by the respective authorisation codes;
      2. Virtual Server — limited resource of one or more Physical Servers shared with the other clients of CORE, upon the use of which the Client can present the materials belonging to the Client. The definition "Virtual Server" also covers the limited resource of one or more Physical Servers allocated to the Client by CORE for sending and receiving e-mails;
      3. Server — Physical Server and/or Virtual Server.
    1. The Client is entitled to use the Server for storing the Client's applications and materials and/or presenting thereof to the public, depending on the type of the Server Service even for creating and/or using e-mail address(es), sending and receiving e-mails, likewise in any other way, which complies with the description of the Server Service.
    2. The Client undertakes to make with sufficient frequency backup copies for himself of the files kept on the Server and keep the software installed by the Client updated in order to ensure its security.
    3. The Client is liable for the contents of the Server allocated to the Client. It is prohibited to post immoral or illegal information. The Client also undertakes not to disclose any materials on the Server or provide any services, which contradict the legislation or good practice or which violates the rights of any third persons. It is forbidden inter alia to use or distribute any media and software protected by copyright, if no required license exists for this purpose.
    4. The Client shall not use on the Server any software, scripts, programs or other applications, which burden, disturb or damage the normal operation of the Server, and undertakes to remove these at the latest within twelve (12) hours after submission of the respective message by CORE.
    5. The Client undertakes not to use such programs or applications on the Server, which enable the Internet users to send mass e-mails (junk mails), threatening, disparaging or misleading e-mails, and not to send such e-mails by himself. It is forbidden to provide such services from the Server (e.g., proxy, open DNS resolver, etc.) or use the Server for such activities, which can be regarded as attacks against third persons (incl. scanning of ports, computer networks and/or any inquiries burdening the equipment in these, etc.).
    6. CORE is entitled to issue mandatory precepts to the Client for the termination of any illegal activity relating to the use of the Server Service or activity violating the Contract Documents, incl. for removal of any illegal materials or materials contrary to good morals from the Server, likewise to remove such materials itself CORE shall reserve itself the right as the person holding the respective technical information to decide whether the activities of the Client are burdening, disturbing, damaging the Server or not, and thus to suspend the service to the Client in case of need by reasoning its decision to the Clien
    1. The Virtual Server Service is a Server Service, in case of which the Client gets into its use a Virtual Server according to the package chosen by the Client for the administration of the domain name registered to the Client.
    2. The Virtual Server Service allows to create, administer and use e-mail addresses, which are based on the domain name associated with the Service. The number thereof, e-mailbox capacity, and other parameters depend on the package chosen by the Client. Detailed information about the Virtual Server Service is available at https://core.eu/.
    3. The Virtual Server Service Contract is entered into for an unspecified term.
    4. The Client is entitled to cancel the Virtual Server Service Contract at any time without applying the term for advance notice provided by the General Conditions of CORE.
    5. The liability of CORE upon providing the Virtual Server Service is limited to the cost of the Service during one month.
    6. The Client can get help upon the use of the Virtual Server Service from the CORE website at https://core.eu/ or by e-mail address: help@core.eu.
    1. For the purpose of providing stable Server Service, CORE shall maintain the Server regularly. CORE shall notify the Client of any scheduled Server maintenance and improvement works, which may disturb the ordinary use of the Server Service, at least five (5) calendar days in advance. In urgent cases maintenance works configuration changes are done without notifying the Client in advance
    2. CORE shall repair any Server failures within a reasonable time, but not later than within three (3) working days.
    3. CORE shall make backup copies of the materials of the Client regularly, but does not ensure the preservation of the materials..
    1. CORE is entitled to immediately suspend the provision of the Server Service to the Client if:
      1. the software, scripts, or other applications used by the Client cause failures on/of the Server, cause overloads, or hinder CORE in any other way upon provision of the services;
      2. Internet attacks are aimed at the Client (incl. denial-of-service attacks, i.e. DoS and DdoS attacks);
      3. The client, through his actions, generates a load on the Internet channel, processor, memory, disk and other shared resources;
      4. The Client does not comply with the precept of CORE referred in section "Use of Service" above.
    1. CORE shall not be liable for any loss caused by:
      1. Failures caused by any software used by the Client on the Server;
      2. Acts or omissions of the Client upon administration of the Server, incl. the contents of the materials kept and published by the Client on the Server, or e-mails sent by the Client or under the addresses belonging to the Client in the course of using the Server Service;
      3. Potential interruptions, Internet attacks (incl. denial-of-service attacks, i.e. DoS and DdoS attacks) arising from any load and/or failures caused by third persons to the Server;
      4. Spread of viruses.
    2. The Client shall indemnify for any loss, which arose in connection with any damage to the Server caused by the software or application used by the Client, or hindering the operation of CORE thereby in any other illegal manner, provided CORE has previously warned against such activity. In case the activity of the Client upon damaging the Server is intentional, the Client shall be liable regardless of any warning by CORE.
    1. CORE shall send a message to the Client 30 days prior to the expiry of the term of the Service Contract specifying the opportunity to extend it. Upon expiry of the Service Contract, CORE shall preserve the account name and the materials of the Client there for 30 days, allowing the Client to make a copy thereof.